BLDC Motor Compact And Powerful ( OPEL WHITE FANS )

BLDC Motor Compact And Powerful ( OPEL WHITE FANS )


Aeiry Fan procides the Opel White Fan the best quality Fan. It has BLDC Motor Compact and Powerful & Decorative Blades With White or Brown Finish. They have 65% Electricity Saving & Smart Remote Control, Soft Touch Oprative Remot.

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2 Years Of Warranty

Sturdy Body

Higher Durablity

Saves Up TP

Rs. 1500 In a Year

Every household appliance we create blends mindful design, energy-efficiency and next-gen smart tech. We’re relentless innovators. We’re startup energy blended with big dreams. We think, dream and obsess over customer experience.

Sweep-1200 mmRegular Fan2 Star Fan5 Star Fan
Approximate CostRs. 1500Rs. 1700Rs. 3000
Consumption of Power75 W47 W27 W
Hourly Consumption0.075 Unit0.047 Unit0.027 Unit
Daily Consumption1.2 Unit0.75 Unit0.43 Unit
Yearly Consumption396 Unit248 Unit143 Unit
Costs (Rs. 6 per Unit)Rs. 2375/-Rs. 1489/-Rs. 855/-
Costs (Rs. 8 per Unit)Rs. 3168/-Rs. 1985/-Rs. 1140/-
Costs (Rs. 10 per Unit)Rs. 3960/-Rs. 2482/-Rs. 1426/-
Costs (Rs. 12 per Unit)Rs. 4752/-Rs. 2978/-Rs. 1711/-

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